risonanza sospesa (2023)

            audio, score
            [for Jordan Dodson]

creeley fragments (2022)

            voice & fretless electric guitar
            1. “One thing...” audioscore 
            [for Amelia Lubrano]

rima (2021) [after Dante]

            violin & piano 
            i. al gran cherchio d’ombra - the great arc of shadow
           ii. che non la move, se non come petra - she is unmoved, no more than stone
           iii. il crespo giallo e ’l verde - the curling yellow and green
           iv. e ’l colpo suo non può sanar per erba - her wounds cannot be healed with herbs
            v. innamorata, com’anco fu donna - as much in love as ever a woman
           vi. ben ritorneranno i fiumi a’ colli - surely rivers will return to the hills
           coda: la fa sparer, com’uom petra sott’erba - making one vanish, as a stone under grass

I was of 3 minds... (2021) [after Wallace Stevens]

audio, videoscore
[for Gleb Kanasevich]

r-p-0-p-h-e-s-s-a-g-r (2019-20; rev 2021)

audio, score, text
[for Amelia Lubrano]

]ερίμνα[ (2018) [after Sappho]

string quartet
audio, score, note
[for Mivos]

creeley songs (2015-16)

voice, clarinet, cello, & vibraphone
score, text

couplets (2015)

clarinet & cello
audio, score 
[for Vasko Dukovski & John Popham]

3 elations (2014)

audio, score
[for Todd Reynolds]

a tired monk, carries it [3 haiku] (2013)

flute/alto flute, violin/viola, cello, vibraphone, triangle, & shaker
[for Cadillac Moon]

ecstatic bird songs (2012)

voice & clarinet 
[for Stefanie Izzo & Alex Yu] 
[revised 2019 for Gina Hanzlik & David Valbuena]

epitaph (2011)

wind quintet
[for Argento]